Dull Teeth?

Dull Smile? Brighten It With A Teeth Whitening Procedure!

Are your teeth dull or discolored? If you want to have more confidence when you smile, it could be time for you to try a teeth whitening procedure. Modern dentistry has made tremendous advancements in the field of teeth whitening. Today, it is possible to achieve an extremely high level of whitening with virtually no side affects or discomfort. And with options available for any budget, a bright smile is closer than you think.

In-Office Whitening

The most effective and timely method of whitening is to have it performed by your dentist in his or her office. In approximately one hour, your dentist will be able to whiten your teeth considerably. After discussing the process with your dentist to make sure you are a candidate, he or she will begin by applying a whitening gel evenly to the front of your teeth. After this, he or she will shine a special light or laser onto your teeth. This will activate the hydrogen peroxide in the gel that will physically change the color of your teeth. After repeating this process a few times, your teeth will have become noticeably whiter. Because of the special light that your dentist uses, this process is extremely quick. If you are in a situation where you need whiter teeth in a short amount of time, this could be a perfect fit for you. In addition, chances for any mistakes are extremely low as the procedure is performed by a professional who has done that same procedure many times.

 Take Home Whitening

Another option that can be effective is to talk with your dentist about getting a take home whitening kit. Unlike over-the-counter products, take home whitening trays approved by your dentist are totally customized to your teeth. Your dentist will take detailed impressions of your teeth and from those will fashion you a set of whitening trays. When you are at home, you will apply whitening gel to these trays and then wear them for about one hour. After repeating this process every day for approximately two weeks, your teeth will have become much whiter. As this is cheaper than in-office whitening, this option can be a good one for you if you don’t want to spend the money on an in-office procedure but want significant results.

Over The Counter Products

Another options that people consider is to whiten their teeth using over the counter gels, strips or toothpastes. These can be somewhat effective, but do not offer the guaranteed results that dentist-approved methods can. Generally, these products have a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide or none at all, which make them less effective at bleaching your teeth. However, if you have a limited budget or are just looking for a mild change in the color of your teeth, this may be the option for you.

To learn more about teeth whitening and what options could work for you, contact Unique Dental Care today.